John Sharp, Owner & CEO | Global Design & Innovation Ltd

John Sharp | Owner & CEO, Global Design & Innovation LtdAs CEO of Global Design & Innovation (GDI), John Sharp is responsible for the success of the company, overseeing all areas of the business from strategy to sales, finance and creative direction.  

A natural entrepreneur from a young age, John has built a innovation-centric culture within the GDI business, a culture that applies emphasis on elevating standards of quality and design in apparel, promoting the creativity of each team member and providing an atmosphere for excellence.

Founded 1981, Boneville enjoyed great albeit niche sucess throughout the 1980s, closing its doors in the early 1990s. John bought the brand in 2012 and triumphantly reintroduced it to the market in 2014.

John, an avid Osti fan, also owns the MA.STRUM brand and he and his team occupy headquarters in Essex, England.

Furthermore, John is also the owner/founder of Branded Stocks, a fast growing distributor and manufacturer of high profile branded apparel, footwear and sports equipment. Branded Stocks purchases, markets, distributes and most importantly acts as a brand protector for some of the world’s leading sports brands, ensuring their integrity is maintained within the market place.